Language services in Spanish, Chinese, English and Catalan

Translation home

Do you want your written texts to have an international reach? Do you need to get around the language barrier and don’t know how? Professional translations can be the right way to achieve your goals or those of your company and open new opportunities in places you may not have considered.HOME


Are you attending an event in which you don’t know the language?  Do you have to embark on an international trip and need a translator? Do you need to establish business relationships with other countries whose language you can’t speak? Don’t let this keep you awake and count on professional interpreters.

Cultural Mediation

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable situations when interacting with people from other cultures? Cultural differences can be an obstacle when establishing a business relationship, reaching an agreement, carrying out procedures of all kinds, etc. Don’t let this be a hindrance and seek cross-cultural counselling.

Project Management

If you are not looking for language services in Spanish, Catalan, Chinese or English, then you don’t need to worry. I have a network of collaborators, who translate and interpret various language combinations, through which I also manage multilingual projects.HOME

Language courses

Do you want to learn a new language and don’t know where to turn? Do you need to pass an official exam and need preparation? A foreign language is always a valuable asset to improve your professional profile and it can open doors to multiple opportunities. Don’t hesitate and start learning today.

«Sin traducción habitaríamos provincias lindantes con el silencio.»

George Steiner

«It takes more than having two hands to be a good pianist. It takes more than knowing two languages to be a good translator or interpreter.»

Francois Grosjean

«Cada texto es único y, simultáneamente, es la traducción de otro texto. Ningún texto es enteramente original porque el lenguaje mismo, en su esencia, es ya una traducción: primero, del mundo no verbal y, después, porque cada signo y cada frase es la traducción de otro signo y de otra . Pero ese razonamientfraseo puede invertirse sin perder validez: todos los textos son originales, porque cada traducción es distinta. Cada traducción es, hasta cierto punto, una invención y así constituye un texto único.»

Octavio Paz

«Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.»

Anthony Burgess