Language courses

Given that today’s world is increasingly globalized, knowing at least one foreign language is a key requirement in order to access the world of work. In general, it is difficult to be self-taught when it comes to studying a new language, therefore it is important to count on a good teacher who has the necessary professional experience and who can properly guide students’ learning so they achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. 

When learning a language, it is very important to know the reason why you are learning it. In this way, the teacher can structure the teaching method, learning materials, study time,  etc. in order to make the most of the student’s ability and achieve short and long-term goals. Give yourself the chance to study and become fluent in a foreign language and choose the right language courses.

I offer the following languages courses:

  • English courses
  • Chinese courses
  • Spanish courses
  • Catalan courses

I also offer the following forms of teaching:

  • Online teaching
  • Face-to-face teaching (Logroño and the surrounding area)

Lessons can be arranged for groups or for individuals, always considering the needs and purpose of the students. As a professional teacher, I am constantly doing research on new foreign language teaching methodologies and language acquisition, so that the teaching resources that I use can go a step beyond traditional teaching.

learning languages

If you are looking for other language courses, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to my broad collaborators’ network, I can help you find the language course and the teacher that best suits your interests and needs.

Due to this, you can also take courses in the following languages:

foreign language
  • German courses
  • Italian courses
  • French courses
  • Japanese courses

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