Project Management

On different occasions, companies, institutions or individuals need linguistic services that require knowledge of several languages. Sometimes, they might not need a one-time service but services that extend throughout weeks, months, or even years.  For instance, during an internationalization process, it may happen that a company or business does not focus exclusively on a specific market, but instead wants to engage a wider audience for what it needs to translate or interpret from and to several languages.

This task is not easy, since the process includes multiple steps besides translation itself, such as managing different format files, proofreading, carrying out quality control, layout, etc. As a result, this sort of project requires the cooperation of several professionals whose areas of expertise might be closely related or completely different, therefore there needs to be one person that can coordinate these professionals’ work.

I offer different project management services:

  • Multilingual Projects
  • Large Volume Projects
  • Short-, medium- and long-term communications for companies, institutions, etc.
  • Copywriting

A Project Manager or PM is the person in charge of a project from beginning to end. In order to guarantee the success of your project, it is important to count on professionals who are familiar with the guidelines to be followed in such projects and who are capable of organizing a team of professionals that work simultaneously. In order to do so, the PM is required to have specific qualities such as organization skills, teamwork, leadership, diplomacy, human resources management, problem-solving skills, etc.


These are some of the languages available for projects:

  • Projects in Spanish
  • Projects in Catalan
  • Projects in English
  • Projects in Chinese
  • Projects in French
  • Projects in Italian
  • Projects in German
  • Projects in Japanese

For more information on translation, interpreting, mediation and project management services, contact directly through the contact form, email or by telephone.