Cultural Mediation

Cultural mediation is a service that allows communication to be established and managed effectively, bridging the differences between people who do not share a common language or culture.

There is no unanimous view when it comes to defining what culture is because it encompasses countless aspects related to both individuals and society. From the perspective of language exchanges, culture can be described as a set of characteristics related to origin, mother tongue, historical and sociocultural background, among other aspects, which conform an individual’s vision of reality. These factors can affect communication in several ways and they must not be ignored, since they can lead to misunderstandings of the intended message. For that reason, mediation is essential when it comes to operating in multicultural environments.

The following are some examples of cultural mediation:

  • Town hall Mediation
  • Immigration Offices Mediation
  • Business Meetings Mediation
  • Educational Institutions Mediation
  • Health Care Centres Mediation
  • Court Mediation

In the private sector, the intervention of a cultural mediator can make the difference between a resounding success and an absolute failure, since cultural differences affect the way people establish business ties, manage crisis situations, create hiring policies, etc.

In the public sector, it is crucial that cultural mediators work together with public service providers in order to guarantee equal access to the people that might be at risk of social exclusion due to their origin or their mother tongue.


I offer mediation services in the following language combinations:

  • Chinese <> Spanish Mediation
  • English <> Spanish Mediation
  • Chinese <> Catalan Mediation
  • English <> Catalan Mediation
  • Catalan <> Spanish Mediation

These services also include intercultural advice based on the client’s needs, which may involve issues related to specific markets, procedures…


If you need cultural mediation services in other language combinations, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks to my network of professional collaborators, we can offer translations in the following languages:

  • French Mediation
  • German Mediation
  • Italian Mediation
  • Japanese Mediation

For more information on translation, interpreting, mediation and project management services, contact directly through the contact form, email or by telephone.